sarahati (sarahati)



Sarahati village connects the North 24 Parganas and Nadia districts along the banks of the Ichamati River by a bridge . The center point of this village is the Sarahati Bazar Market. Sarahati Bazar and Dattapulia Bazar complement each other. distinguished only by geographical location. The Bangaon road from Babarahati Bazar divides the village into two parts. Another route connects Ranaghat and Krishnanagar via Dattapulia to the west.


Due to the good communication system, people from the nearby villages used to set up a market on the banks of the Ichamati river for their crops and vegetables from many years ago. People used to bring their goods to this bazar or bazar from a long distance, especially through the Ichamati river waterway, by boat or engine driven boat, and sat in the bazar for various items. Many people think that the village got its name from this ‘famous market’.
However, due to the decrease in the navigability of the Ichamati river, even though the waterway has been closed, the import and export of this market through the road is gradually increasing.

Education System

Sarahati Primary School was established in 1954. The school has 60 to 100 students from first class to fourth class. There are 2 to 4 teachers.

sarahati (sarahati)
Sarahati, sindrani, bagdah, north 24 parganas

Health System

Sarahati sub health center is located next to Sarahati market. However, health services were not operationalized. The house is under construction. This Sarahati ‘Barwari’ temple is located near the Sarahati market. There is a club inside the village.

Sarahati Sub Health Center
Sarahati Sub Health Center

Cultural Events

Every year in winter there is a cultural program organized by the local publics.

Nearest Railway Station

  • Aranghata ——> 10.6 km
  • Ranaghat ——> 21.5 km

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