Sarahati (Kuthibari)

Kuthibari Village, Bagdah Block (Sindrani), North 24 Parganas


The name of this Kuthibari village has a connection with the subjugated India. Because more or less everyone knows about indigo cultivation i.e. when the English started cultivating indigo in India, they used to control it by building cottages in different places. Also a hut was built here but that hut is not present but the place remains. From this the name of this place is considered to be Kuthibari.

Kuthibari village is divided into two parts on Dattapulia-Bangaon road. Although the village is known as an indigenous area, it is now inhabited by different tribes.

Kuthibari Primary School (Sarahati)

Sarahati Primary School (kuthibari) was established in 1954. The school is surrounded by a big wall.

Sarahati Primary School (kuthibari)
Sarahati Primary School (kuthibari)

Kuthibari’s Popular Events

The popular fair of Kuthibari is Gajan’s fair. Every year on Chaitra Sankranti, many people of this village Observance in Sannyasa and enjoy Charak. On the occasion of Charak, a fair was held on the grounds of Kuthibari Primary School and a large number of people gathered.

Communication System Of Kuthibari

The communication system of the Kuthibari is quite improved. It is very easy to reach Bangaon, Krishnanagar, Ranaghat and Aranghata by road.

  • Kuthibari To Dangaon Distance 28.8 km via Bibhutibhushan Park Rd
  • Kuthibari To krishnanagar Distance 36.2 km via SH 3
  • Kuthibari To Ranaghat Distance 23.0 km via Ranaghat – Duttapulia Rd
  • Kuthibari To Aranghata Distance 14.0 km via Aranghata – Duttaphulia Rd/Aranghata – Panikhali – Duttaphulia Rd
Kuthibari Map

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