Akandatala is one of the 12 villages under Sindrani Gram Panchayat. The village covers an area of ​​_ sq. km. The Bongaon-Dattapulia road stretches past the village. The village is mainly dependent on agriculture. Kuthibari village is located on the western side of the village. On the east lies the village of Harinagar, on the north is Raghabpur and its tributaries and on the south is the village of Ghonar Mat.

A long time ago when the village was not so populated, the area was full of jungle. “Akunda Flower” trees were abundant in the forest. Akunda trees are still seen today. Many people think that the village got its name Akandatala from the name of this Akunda tree.

Public life / Livelihood

Most of the people of Akandatala village earn their livelihood through agriculture. Moreover, 10% of people are employed, 30% of people are businessmen.

Education system

Akandatala Primary School was established in 1973. T consists of class rooms. But since 2013, the school has been upgraded to Junior High School by the State Education Department. Presently classes are taught from class I to class VIII. The school currently has a total of 3 classrooms. There are 2 teachers and 2 female teachers. The school is located in a beautiful natural environment. Surrounded by walls.

Akandatala Primary School

* A Shiva temple is located in the middle of the village. And at the northern end of the village is the Barwari temple. There is a big football field in the middle of the village. Village people organize small tournaments against each other in this field.

communication system

Akandatala village is connected by numerous roads around it.

  • Dattapulia Bangaon Road —–> Bangaon —-> Barasat
  • Dattapulia —-> Via Ranaghat and Aranghata
  • Sindrani Via –> Bajitpur via Talikhla via Chakda


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