Mary Walshok and Malin Burnham

March 19, 2017

Mary Walshok and Malin Burnham

Why The Border Matters

Mary Walshok and Malin Burnham have been leaders and respected voices in San Diego County for decades on the issue of the cross border economy we share with Tijuana. Currently, they both serve on the Board of Directors of the Smart Border Coalition.

Malin Burnham has been Chairman of John Burnham & Company Insurance and Burnham Real Estate since 1949. Mr. Burnham is a native San Diegan and has been active as a board member of several major corporations and chaired nine major nonprofits and has co-founded 14 organizations in his career, most providing direct local benefit.

Mary Lindenstein Walshok is an author, educator, researcher, and Associate Vice Chancellor for Public Programs and Dean of Extension at the University of California San Diego. She is a thought leader and subject matter expert on aligning workforce development with regional economic growth. As an industrial social scientist focused on the dynamics of regional economic development and transformation, Walshok has studied various communities across America.

The Smart Border Coalition is a catalyst to bring together leading academic, business and civic communities from both sides of the San Diego / Tijuana International region to develop databases and policy positions, deliver special events and programs, and growth of the cross-border economy through jobs creation, workforce development and social interaction.

The United States is both Mexico's largest export and largest import market. Hundreds of thousands of people cross the shared 2000-mile border daily. The daily United States trade total with Mexico is more than $1.5 billion supporting jobs in both countries. - Courtesy of Consul General Will Ostick

Please join us on March 19th to learn more about why the border matters!

Wine and hors d'oeuvres will be served beginning at 6:00. Dr. Walshok and Mr. Burnham will begin speaking at 6:30. Advance ticket purchase is encouraged through March 14 at 5:00 PM. Any remaining tickets will be sold for $30. $10 student tickets are available.

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